If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to the SodaStream soda maker I 

would highly suggest purchasing an isi soda and seltzer maker.  isi Soda Siphons are less expensive than the 

SodaStream home soda maker.

Isi soda siphon consists of a bottle with a carbonater that is attached to the nozzle of the bottle.  The isi soda siphon is similar to the old style seltzer makers that were popular back in the day before soda was available all over.

Soda siphons are also more convenient to store away since the size of it is just the size of a bottle.  The SodaStream version of the soda maker is more of a stand alone appliance that you would keep out.

Soda makers have been growing in appeal since you can make your own soda at the convenience of your own home.  Just add your filtered water and with a few squirts of the CO2 charger and you have your own seltzer water.  You can take that seltzer water and add any king of syrup flavorings that you want.  What is also great is you can fully control the amount of syrup that you put in your soft drink.  For people who like a light flavor soda this is perfect.  You can have complete control of your calorie intake per bottle of soda.

They also have diet flavors out there for those who are wondering about diet drinks.

Seltzer makers are perfect for all family homes and they are great for parties.  Kids will love making their own sodas.

Soda makers also make for a great gift.  Most people don’t even know there is an appliance  that you can make your own soda.

If you are more into an appliance version of a soda maker then I suggest getting a SodaStream seltzer maker.  These cost a little more money, but they do offer several models that can fit any kitchen decor.  One of their top of the line models is the Penguin soda maker.  It is shaped like a penguin and uses glass carafes to store the seltzer water in.

If you choose either the isi soda siphon or the SodaSteam seltzer maker, these gadgets make a perfect addition to any home.